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  1. Clare
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    Most boys do not have any passion; if your boy does, this is a great progress! Our boys are so blessed to have many opportunities and material goods that we were not entitled when we were growing up. They often take things for granted. Thus my job as a mom, I want them to be passionate about something that they are willing to sacrifice free time, social events, or others. Yes, he will transfer his passion for baseball to the next opportunity or perhaps he will be in baseball for his professional life as a player, coach, manager, or other capacity. As long as one can make a living, that is what counts.

    1. Kelli
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      So true, Clare! I guess I still walk that fine line between encouragement and pushing him to excel and worry that my interest comes from my loving the game and not as much from his passion for it. I suppose on any given day it’s either one. Thank you for reading and sharing!

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