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  1. Viji.
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    This blog made me think about something which happened 2 weeks ago in our household. After a long week I was looking forward to have a glass of wine on Friday night. But I was so exhausted and I couldn’t open the wine bottle. Goutham stopped by the kitchen to get some water for himself. He saw me struggling and said “Mom..move. I got this”. And he opened the bottle for me with the wine opener :-)..I didn’t think about the life lessons I did or didn’t teach him that time. I was just grateful to have my wine :). And thought to myself “Goutham is always good with tools”..ha!


    1. Kelli
      Kelli at | | Reply

      Isn’t it funny the things they learn how to do just by watching us? Makes me realize I am truly a role model and should probably watch what I do in front of them more carefully! LOL! I’m glad you got your wine!

  2. Andrea Gravelle
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    Love this Kelly. You are an amazing story teller and I am so looking forward to reading everything your got!

    Love you.

    1. Kelli
      Kelli at | | Reply

      Back at ya, girlfriend! Thanks for the support!


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