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  1. Jackie Uribe
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    Great Thanksgiving thoughts. I love the glimpses your writing provides into your thoughts and past. I’ve always admired you a great deal, and it’s nice to know you’re human too . You must have experienced deep grief when your grandmother passed away.

    I think we are often too close to things to see what is best for us in the larger context of our life; we often don’t know what we need, or even what we want. Sometimes only hindsight enables us to recognize it.

    I’ve always firmly believed that when I focus on doing the right things (or trying my best to!) and living with integrity, the right things happen in my life, and that is what God is there for!

    1. Kelli
      Kelli at | | Reply

      I agree, Jackie. It seems that many times it’s only when we look back on our life that we realize that everything happened the way it should have. It’s made me rely on my gut instincts more and to pray in a different way; not asking for something as much as asking for guidance to find the right path. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Kathy Fanger
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    Kelly, just catching up…Frank and I were married at 28 and 39 years old, open to children from the get-go. How we prayed that God would bless us with a child,
    yet alone by hope for FIVE children! We waited and waited…7 years…through infertility
    procedures and finally, a change in career at age 35 to have children in my daily life. When all fertility measures were abandoned, and I was into my teaching 6 weeks, I became pregnant with Brian. But in that waiting and career change, God led me to
    hundreds of children through teaching that have enriched my life way more than a hundred-fold. Had I been able to have more than Brian, I would not have continued teaching…too much to juggle on my personal plate.

    RECENT WISDOM TO PASS ON>>> I heard Fr. Chris Bennett from Santa Teresa
    parish say yesterday, that when we pray, we often have one fist clinched behind our
    back holding to OUR prayer/desire for God to grant us, and the other hand, open palms
    up out front. IF, IF the answers coincide, great…if NOT, we continue to clasp onto
    our desires, not trusting that God, of course, has our best interests in God’s mind.

    INSTEAD, said Fr Christ, of praying with open hands, palms up before us, OR instead
    of holding hands during the Our Father, we should instead take the stance of holding our
    hands up by our shoulders, palms forward, showing our VULNERABILITY before God,
    and totally open to God’s will.

    I will pray differently from now on…

    Footnote, yes it is in hindsight as we carefully reflect on our life journey, that we
    see the wisdom of God in God’s responses…and our waiting patiently, which can be
    so difficult, yes?

    God bless us all as we place our trust in the One who knows us, loves us and wants
    nothing more than our wholeness and union with the Trinity.


    1. Kelli
      Kelli at | | Reply

      We are so lucky that God waiting awhile to answer your prayers! I love Brian and all, but I am damn glad my kids had you as their teacher. And, I’m even more glad that we got to be friends! Thank you so much for sharing your story and for supporting me!

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