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  1. bronxboy55
    bronxboy55 at | | Reply

    I don’t know why, Kelli, but lately I’ve been hearing about Asperger’s every single day. I look forward to learning more about it, and anything else you choose to write about.

    Congratulations on the new blog. And my condolences on the Giants. Spring training is only four months away!

    1. Kelli
      Kelli at | | Reply

      I’m grateful that more people are getting to hear and learn about AS. There was almost no information available ten years ago when my son was diagnosed. I think I will just be exploring the lighter (and mom-emotional) side of things when I write about it. I hope you’ll stop by!

      And thank you for the condolences. I’m struggling to get through this year’s World Series. I have all my nails. My carpet is not worn from the constant pacing. And the neighbors haven’t called the police to report the ear-splitting shrieking.

  2. Emma
    Emma at | | Reply

    Keep it up and have your say for I’m read it!

    1. Kelli
      Kelli at | | Reply

      Thanks, Em!

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